Diversity, equity & inclusion

At Altus Group, we know that when we empower our people, we empower an entire industry

At Altus Group, we know that when we empower everyone, we empower an entire industry.

We are building a global workforce that reflects the customers, clients and communities we serve. We embrace the talent in all of us, not just the talent in some of us by hiring inclusively and developing intentionally. We build new partnerships, inside Altus and with the wider world. We cultivate a culture where every employee is afforded equal, and significant, opportunities to grow within their career. 

We are committed to achieving 30% women and 30% BIPOC employees in manager level and above roles by 2025.

Our DEI pillars


Build a workforce throughout the organization that reflects our customers and communities, to enrich the employee experience and add value to stakeholders, clients, and communities.


Cultivate a culture of inclusion where all employees feel safe to authentically engage, are respected for their differences, experience a sense of belonging and are afforded equal opportunities for success. 


Activate nontraditional community partnerships to build a diverse pipeline of talent. Expand the socioeconomic impact of the organization to marginalized potential customer groups globally. 

Our representation outcomes

of our roles are held by women
of our global organization identifies as non-white
of manager and above level roles identify as non-white

Our employee resource groups

Our employee resource groups are champions of our inclusive culture and they help build communities among people with shared identities and experiences.

Altus Women Connected

Connects, educates and inspires women and their allies by providing a platform to network and a safe space to engage in conversations to create a more inclusive workplace.

Power of Colour

Fosters an evironment that is empowering, protective and inclusive to all people of colour. They create new opportunities for people of colour to grow, develop and succeed at Altus Group.

Black Professionals Network

A dedicated network of professionals who aim to attract, retain, empower, and inspire current and future Black employees. They provide support, networking, and development opportunities to all members and allies.

Altus Pride

Champions a positive, inclusive, equitable and non-judgemental environment throughout the global Altus community. They maximize the potential of LGBTQ+ members and allies by creating a space where they feel engaged, valued and free to express their individualities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion council

We have established a global council of senior leaders who are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and welcoming workplace where employees feel comfortable, valued and respected. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) council works to review and assess our company's DEI efforts to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for change.

Additionally, the council collaborates with local teams and existing
employee resource groups (ERGs) to discuss and strategize on training and development programs, employee engagement initiatives and more. 
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